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DCCJ's Job Board is now open

We have now opened up for our Job Board!

It is intended to be used by our members to search for interns and employees. At the same time, people looking for work in Japan will have the opportunity to easily find posts from DCCJ's members here, and even post their own skillsets and qualifications for potential employers to see.

This is all part of DCCJs ambition to further strengthen the connections between Denmark and Japan, and we hope this will help shorten the distance between the two, even if just by a little. Something which is also reflected in recent efforts to establish agreements with Danish Universities and our corporate members in regards to creating more and easier access to interns and internships (for more information click the links below).

Internships at DCCJ (Fall 2020) (Dec 12, 2019) Student Internship agreement in talks between DCCJ and Aarhus BSS and Aarhus Business Academy (Oct 8, 2019)

Seminar about Copenhagen University Student Internship at DCCJ (Oct 7, 2019)

DCCJ signs agreement with KUA (University of Copenhagen) (June 3, 2019)

Internship at DCCJ (June 3, 2019)

If you want your job position posted on the board, contact us and we will post it.

We suggest the following fields to be used when you want to post a position:

  1. Company

  2. Open position

  3. Deadline for application

  4. Salary

  5. Location

  6. Industry

  7. Requirements

  8. Preferred skills

  9. Description

  10. Other relevant information

  11. Contact Information

Similarly, people looking for work in Japan can contact us with their resume, and we will make a post for our members to see. We also suggest considering the following fields when applying:

  1. What you are looking for (full-time, part-time, internship etc.)

  2. Expected Salary

  3. Location

  4. Industry

  5. Skills

  6. Brief description

  7. Other relevant information

  8. Contact Information

For further inquiries and those interested, please contact Leon Esben Ota at

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