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Support Danish-Chinese Rowing Expedition from China to Japan!

On 25th May 2024 Denmark’s first ocean rower, Christian Havrehed, and China’s (and Asia’s) first ocean rower, Sun Haibin, will start a 2,234 km long rowing expedition to celebrate the legend of Xu Fu (called Jofuku in Japanese 徐福).

2,234 km signifies how many years have passed since Jofuku set out on his voyage. In 210 BC Jofuku was sent by the first Chinese Emperor, QinShi Huang, the one with the Terracotta Warriors, to bring back the elixir of immortality from the Gods in the eastern seas and as a result Jofuku is well known folklore in Japan.

The pair will row out of China 800 km across the East China Sea to Nagasaki, where they will clear into Japan early June. From there they will row 1,434 km coastal around Kyushu Island, into the Pacific Ocean and up the coast to Shingu in Wakayama Prefecture, the location of Jofuku’s grave. Along the way they will visit sites dedicated to Jofuku and undertake cultural exchange activities with the local Jofuku Associations.

As well as story telling the legend of Jofuku, the pair will also promote UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 “Life below water”. They do this by documenting trash in the ocean for NGO Eyesea and collecting water samples for Scripps Institution of Oceanography, who researches the spread of textile microfiber in the sea.

The pair is currently looking for sponsors who share their values; promoting international understanding, doing the seemingly impossible, and combating climate change. Help make expedition history by contributing to their fundraising goal of USD 180,000.

Learn more about the project and see the support packages available here:

Picture 1: The New Xu Fu Voyage East route

Picture 2: The boat – lots of space for sponsor logos


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