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Interships at DCCJ (Fall 2020)

We at DCCJ are beginning our search for our next batch of interns for the fall of 2020 as part of our partnership agreements with University of Copenhagen - Humanities, Aarhus BSS and Aarhus Business Academy. As part of our wish to strengthen future cooperation between Danish students and the Japanese job market, we are looking for students interested in applying and testing out their skills in an international setting and gaining further insight into the Japanese job market and the Danish firms operating in it. This includes not only the opportunity to work as an intern for DCCJ, but also intership opportunities at some of DCCJ's corporate members.

Said intership agreements with DCCJ's corporate members are currently in the process of being established. We will post further information regarding the specifics of the student internships, when agreements are in place.

For further inquiries, please contact Leon Esben Ota at


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