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Student Internship agreement in talks between DCCJ and Aarhus BSS and Aarhus Business Academy

We, at The Danish Chamber of Commerce, have already started our internship agreement with students of The University of Copenhagen earlier this year, as well as accepted our first interns. In order to secure a diverse and strong bond to future recruitment programs for our DCCJ corporate members, we are now currently in the negotiation phase of completing new internship agreements for students of Aarhus BSS (Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences) and Aarhus Business Academy.

With this intern exchange between DCCJ and two high profile business universities in Denmark, DCCJ will help Danish students to gain invaluable international work experience in the exchange of sharing their own Danish strengths and competencies with Japan.

Further, by fulfilling the wish of DCCJ members regarding qualified workforce, we are very certain that this agreement will contribute to ensure a stable and beneficial growth for all involved parties.

We will post further information of the specifics of the student internship, when agreements are in place. Should you have further inquiries please contact Leon Esben at


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