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Our Network

DCCJ is proud to have an extensive network of external organizations. As a member, you will have access to this network, which can provide you with valuable insights and connections to help your business succeed in the Danish-Japanese community.

Royal Danish Embassy in Japan

The Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo represents Denmark in Japan.  The Embassy's overall priority is to increase the awareness of Denmark and Danish competences in Japan among decision-makers within politics, business and the public. Secondly to optimize the input from Japan measured on growth, job creation and innovation. Thirdly to create value for Denmark in Japan and strengthen the good relations between Denmark and Japan. 

The Embassy helps strengthen Danish and Japanese trade relations by aiding Danish companies that wish to export to Japan and by promoting Denmark to Japanese companies that wish to invest in Denmark. The Embassy simultaneously works on increasing the general knowledge of Denmark through public diplomacy.

European Business Council in Japan

The European Business Council (EBC) has been the trade policy arm of 17 European National Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations in Japan since it's establishment in 1972 and has been working to improve the trade and investment environment for European companies in Japan for around 2,500 local European corporate and individual members.

Around 350 companies participate directly in one or more of the EBC's 24 industry committees, whose work covers a wide variety of economic sectors, identifies the issues keeping the companies from achieving their full potential in Japan and uses the vast array of EBC’s lobbying tools to bring change by eliminating the problems.

Japan Market Expansion Competition

The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is a business training program in Tokyo centered on a business plan writing competition. The dual objectives of the program are to strengthen the skills of up-and-coming executives, while assisting foreign companies doing business in Japan.  JMEC is supported by 18 Chambers of Commerce in Japan.

Shizenkan University

Shizenkan University was founded based on the foundation of ISL (Institute for Strategic Leadership), the “whole-person” leadership educational institution, established in Tokyo, 2001. ISL is known for its all inclusive executive leadership training program for corporate executives. To date, nearly 1,500 senior-executives including many top managers at large companies have graduated from ISL programs. Since ISL was founded, it has consistently appealed to the need for true leadership education beyond the traditional MBA. 

Shizenkan was established in 2017 to further develop this educational philosophy and approach used by ISL, with the bold idea of taking the Western-style MBA education model and evolving it to adapt for the future.

Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

Tokyo Employment Consultation Center provides attorneys with knowledge of labor-related laws and gives advice free of charge.

This center was established under the Act on National Strategic Special Zones and provides support to global companies and startups so that they can understand employment-related rules in Japan and smoothly set up their business enterprises. Examples of major inquiries are documentation checks including “Notice of employment” and legal points to note with respect to contracts in Japan.

Get the support by E-mail ( or call 03-3582-8354. You can also visit the office. Contact in advance to get availability information for English-speaking advisors.

Den Danske Klub i Japan

The Danish Club in Japan (Den Danske Klub i Japan / DDK) is a nonprofit that has been a cornerstone for Danes in Japan since 1929. The Danish Club was established to keep the Danish spirit alive and well among expatriates, hosting a variety of social gatherings. These events span a variety of activities, from morning and evening coffee meet-ups to nature hikes and other member-suggested social gatherings, all in the spirit of 'Hygge' and strengthening bonds in our native language. Annual highlights are the festive Christmas service and party in early December, as well as the traditional Fastelavn, with both events tailored for families and their children. While predominantly conversing in Danish during events, always accommodating and can communicate in English when required. 

For those keen on joining events or simply staying updated, do check out the Facebook page or contact at to be added to the mailing list.

Danes Worldwide

Danes Worldwide is a private non-profit organization that aims to be a link between Denmark and Danes around the world. The organization has over 100 years of experience in this field, as it was founded in 1919.

Danes Worldwide works to make it easier to be a Dane abroad. Danes Worldwide is a membership-based organization that reaches out to more than 200,000 expatriate Danes worldwide and offers membership to both individuals and companies. The association is the voice of Danes abroad to politicians and other decision-makers, and we work to ensure that Danes abroad have as many rights as possible in relation to Danish citizens living in Denmark.

The key issues are to ensure Danes’ rights to citizenship, family reunification, voting rights, financial and social benefits and pensions.

Danes Worldwide advises Danes on legal matters before, during and after their stay abroad. It creates networks and brings Danes abroad together and helps returning Danes to get a good foothold in Danish society.

Danes Worldwide offers online lessons from beginner level to school Danish, giving children with Danish roots the opportunity to learn Danish and keep Danish language and culture alive.

Danes Abroad Business Group Online

Danes Abroad Business Group Online (DABGO) has existed since 2006 as a global business network for Danes traveling or residing abroad. Each first Wednesday of the month volunteers host meetings ("DABGO Stambord") in 40 cities across the globe. In Tokyo, the DABGO Stambord starts at 18:30 each first Wednesday of the month at the Tokyo HOPS World Beer Dining and Bar ( near Ebisu station. Join DAGBO Stambord for a chilled after-work beer, make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and learn more about or share thoughts on life and work in Japan. For more information contact


VisitDenmark is the Official Tourism Organization of Denmark, promoting the destination abroad. VisitDenmark partners with the Danish tourism industry and other export sectors in order to increase global awareness of Denmark, attract more leisure and business travelers to the destination, and increase growth, turnover and employment in Denmark.

Osaka University

The Division of Foreign Studies at Osaka University focuses on conducting comprehensive tuition and research covering 24 languages and the general cultural aspects based on them across a variety of disciplines and practices. The division aims to develop individuals who can build on the findings from other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences to examine languages and cultures from around the world and succeed globally. 

The department at Osaka University offers Danish studies, providing students with the opportunity to explore the language, culture, and literature of Denmark. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students gain insights into Danish history, society, and contemporary issues, fostering a deep understanding of the Danish language and its cultural context.

University of Copenhagen - Humanities

The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. The University of Copenhagen's Japanese Studies department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive academic exploration of Japan's language, culture, and society. Offering a diverse range of courses, the department allows students to delve into the Japanese language, literature, history, and contemporary issues. Faculty members, renowned for their expertise, guide students through a multidisciplinary approach, fostering a nuanced understanding of Japan. 

With a commitment to academic excellence, the Japanese Studies department at the University of Copenhagen prepares students for a global perspective on Japan and its rich cultural heritage. The university is a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) and of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The University of Copenhagen has been ranked as the best in Scandinavia.

Aarhus BSS

The Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences is one of four faculties of Aarhus University in Denmark. Aarhus University is a prominent institution known for its excellence in business education. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, it offers a diverse range of programs and courses designed to equip students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of business. The school consists of six departments: Economics and Business Economics, Management, Political Science, Law, Psychology and Behavioural Sciences and Department of Business Development and Technology.

With a commitment to fostering innovation and global perspectives, Aarhus Business School provides a dynamic learning environment for aspiring business professionals.

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