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About DCCJ

The DCCJ aims to promote and enhance business development between Denmark and Japan, by supporting the interests of its members and fostering a stronger business environment between the two countries.

Why join DCCJ?

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan is an organization that promotes and facilitates business and trade relations between Denmark and Japan. We serve as a platform for Danish companies to connect with potential business partners in Japan, and provide networking opportunities and information about the Japanese market.
Our goal is to strengthen the economic ties between Denmark and Japan and promote mutual understanding between the two countries.

As a member of DCCJ, you and your company can gain access to valuable information, contacts, and opportunities for involvement and exposure within the Danish and Japanese community in Japan. DCCJ membership also provides a platform to promote yourself or your company, while enhancing your knowledge and business dealings with Denmark and Japan. Additionally, as an honorary member, the Royal Danish Embassy and Danish Ambassador actively support DCCJ activities.

Membership offers other benefits, including the opportunity to connect with individuals from various industries who share a keen interest in the Denmark-Japan trade relationship. DCCJ is also a member of the European Business Community in Japan and collaborates with other Chambers of Commerce to support the JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition). 




In the late 1950s, a small group of around ten individuals from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian companies in Japan began meeting regularly at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. These meetings aimed to share information on business opportunities in Japan and provide guidance to Scandinavian newcomers starting out in business.

Over time, the number of attendees grew, and by the mid-1960s, it was decided to establish separate national clubs, leading to the creation of the "Danish Businessman Club."

In 1990, the club underwent a name change to become the "Danish Chamber of Commerce Japan" ("DCCJ"), with new by-laws that outlined the primary goal of promoting and strengthening business relations between Denmark and Japan.



"DCCJ offers unparalleled networking opportunities and access to top decision-makers in Danish and Japanese companies. Our members have achieved significant business growth through these connections. We prioritize building a collaborative community between Denmark and Japan for tangible results."


Mr. Peter Roland

Chairman of DCCJ
Managing Director 

BBC Chartering Ltd. 


“DCCJ is the collective voice of the Danish business community in Japan. The more members we are, the stronger we speak. In addition, we speak to each other to exchange information and share successes and challenges in the Japanese market.”


Mr. Stefan Linde Jakobsen

Vice Chairman of DCCJ

President & Representative Director

Coloplast Japan


“DCCJ has provided a forum where we can exchange information on challenges and find solutions in the Japanese market. To avoid costly mistakes in Japan, it is important to meet other executives that has similar experience. DCCJ provides such a forum.”


Mr. William Boesen

Vice Chairman of DCCJ

The East Asiatic Company (Japan) Ltd. 


“DCCJ is representing Danish Businesses in Japan and is an important part of Danish business network. The DCCJ and the Embassy have worked closely for many years passing on knowledge and information about how to do business in Japan. DCCJ remains a trusted partner in the pursuit of increasing the contribution from Japan to growth, job creation and innovation in Denmark DCCJ represents Danish companies in Japan and is a unique gateway to the Japanese market.”


H.E. Freddy Svane

Former Ambassador of Denmark to Japan


Interested in becoming a member?

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