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Presentation of the Danish Pavilion in Hibiya Park 2020

Today, on October 3rd, 2019, VisitDenmark held a presentation at the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo on the finalized design and concept of the Danish Olympic Pavilion in Hibiya Park during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020. This presentation was a continuation of a previous event held back on June 20th, 2019, and this time included more information on the concept and final design of the pavilion, as well as partner opportunities.

The Danish Pavilion in Hibiya Park will be a place were people can learn more about the everyday wonders of Denmark and Danes' high quality of life, showcased through various interactive activities, workshops, food tastings and events.

The structure of the pavilion will be build of something Denmark is famous for in Japan: chairs! You can check out the square design, reminiscent of a lego brick, down below, which has been designed by the skilled Danish designer and architect Christian Dahl from Lendager Group.

The Danish Pavilion at the Olympic Games will be build with a Danish design chair as a building block.

Besides the fact that you can use the chair to sit on inside the pavilion, the chair will also form the surrounding wall structure of the pavilion, or can even be used to form a flower bed. So this is one multi-functional chair!

After the presentation, attendees at the event could ask VisitDenmark questions about the pavilion concept and discuss further about partner opportunities.

Thank you to all the Danish companies showing an interest the Danish Pavilion today. We hope that many of you will consider to become a partner, and help promote Denmark at the Olympic Games next year.


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