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Event Report: AGM 2020 and MARTEC Talk

On February 12th, DCCJ held our Annual General Meeting. Giving all of us the chance to look back on the year 2019 and at the same time get a good look at the exciting plans in store for the year 2020.


Many of our members also took the opportunity to warm up to the AGM by attending MARTEC’s interesting talk about Training Ship DANMARK and their coming voyage to Japan for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

Their talk took us through MARTEC's planned events for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, their former work with and around the olympic games - most notably Rio 2016 - and their efforts towards fostering more cooperation between Denmark and Japan - as reflected by the mixed nationalities of the cadets on board the ship and their collaborations with both Danish and Japanese institutions for this given voyage.


At the AGM itself, our chairman, Stefan Linde Jakobsen, and executive director, Leon Esben Ota, took us through the year of 2019 and the state of the chamber as of 2020, leading into an overlook of some of the plans for 2020, such as future events, collaborations and partnerships - new and old.

The AGM also gave opportunity to say goodbye to and thank the board members who had chosen to step down, as well as welcome the new board members ready to carry on the hard work.

Following the the presentation and updates from our chairman and executive director, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. George Olcott to the podium for a talk about the topic ‘Rethinking the Japanese company for Global Japan’. Dr. Olcott shed light on some of the issues Japanese companies might face when getting increasingly involved in the global markets and world in general, as well as some of the emerging challenges and subsequent tactics put to use by Japanese companies after a merge and/or acquisition of a foreign company.

The evening closed with an update on the world and Japanese-Danish relations by Danish Ambassador and host for the evening, H.E. Peter Taksøe-Jensen, followed by a dinner buffet, giving opportunity for the people present to have a laid-back talk with each other about the topics of the evening and whatever might have been of interest.

DCCJ would like to thank all the members who took part in this year's AGM, MARTEC, Dr. George Olcott, the Royal Danish Embassy, and H.E. Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen for coming together to create yet another interesting AGM. We would likewise also like to extend another thank you to H.E. Ambassador Peter Taksøe-Jensen & Madame Gitte Wallin Pedersen for opening up their house on this occasion.


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