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Shizenkan MBA Program

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Shizenkan University’s “Design and Leadership for Societal Innovation” MBA is a part-time program that combines business, technology, design, and the liberal arts into a first-of-its-kind, holistic curriculum, offering an unparalleled learning experience. As the world’s economies shift to the East, understanding the cultures and philosophies of Asia gives you an advantage to confront the future with confidence. Shizenkan’s program takes an integrated approach, infusing standard Western business logic as well as modern design and innovation with Asian philosophical concepts and values. Globally minded but with a local focus, Shizenkan puts you in touch with international faculty in a diverse classroom setting with classmates from over 30 countries, all from the heart of Tokyo’s historical finance center, Nihonbashi, just steps from centrally located Tokyo Station. For more information about the application process CLICK HERE or visit their website to register for info sessions, free webinars, or to view student testimonials.

Shizenkan International Scholarship for DCCJ Members

Currently, DCCJ members who have a bachelor's degree and at least 3 years of professional experience meet the basic qualifications to apply for the Shizenkan International Scholarship, which covers a minimum 50% of tuition expenses (total 2.4 million JPY) and members with financial need can receive additional funding all the way up to a full tuition scholarship (total 4.8 million JPY) to join the 2022 MBA program starting in August next year.

The final deadline is May 31st, 2022. For further inquiries and to receive the scholarship application, please contact


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