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Scandinavian Airlines SAS: Notice of resumption of Tokyo flight operations Winter 2023

On March 2023 Scandinavian Airlines SAS announced that SAS will resume traffic to Haneda, Tokyo three times a week from 1 st June 2023 as Summer 2023 operation. This time we are very happy to announce that SAS continues Winter 2023 traffic from Copenhagen to Tokyo Haneda with three weekly flights. Please note: Operation day and timetable are different between summer and winter.

The route will be operated by the Airbus A350, one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft on the Market with 30% lower emissions and 40% less noise than previous generation aircraft.

From the moment you step into the cabin, you can experience Scandinavia with Scandinavian Airlines.

For additional information, reservations, and other inquiries, please contact our Customer Service

Department in Japan (TEL:050-6864-8086)


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