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Open Days "The Art of Hygge"

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

On the 13th and 14th of October, the Royal Danish Embassy in Japan opened its doors to Japanese, Danes and everyone else interested in Danish culture. This year's Open Days event focused on the “Art of Hygge”, and several Danish companies and brands got to showcase their take on the now world-famous concept. Through mutual efforts from both Danish companies, embassy staff, volunteers and the DCCJ, everyone came together to create two days filled with that playful, yet relaxed and warm sense of community that the concept of “hygge” is known for. All in the effort to spread the awareness of Denmark in Japan.

The first day opened, despite a short delay caused by typhoon Hagibis from the day before, to an excited crowd waiting to dive into the various Danish company sponsored activities and interactive exhibitions, which entertained both children and adults alike. Under a clear blue sky, the embassy and the residence building were filled with playful laughter, as well as the approaching sounds of drums and bagpipes due to the the celebrations of the Sarugakumatsuri (猿楽祭) taking place right outside the embassy.

The second day similarly opened to yet more groups of people, this day braving the cold and rain for a look, taste and feel of Denmark and Danish products. The event culminated with the announcement of this year's Open Days photo contest winner, which this year likewise was centered on the theme of "hygge". LEGO, having won the hearts of guests, won this year's photo contest.

DCCJ thoroughly enjoyed another opportunity to increase awareness of itself, its members, Japanese-Danish sister-cities, and to contribute to spreading awareness of Denmark as a whole. DCCJ is proud to have been part of yet another succesful Open Days, and looks forward to many more future events in collaboration with the Danish Embassy, DCCJ members and the other Danish companies present at the event.


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