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Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party: Call for Sponsorships

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

You are cordially invited to our Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party, set to take place on December 7th, 2023, at the enchanting and newly renovated Westin Tokyo in Ebisu.

Immerse yourself in a Nordic evening like no other, running from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM, complete with traditional Nordic Christmas delicacies.

This extraordinary event promises an evening brimming with festive cheer, highlighted by an exclusive, handpicked selection of Nordic cocktails representing each Nordic country, alongside the camaraderie of our esteemed Nordic Chamber members with over 180 attendees.

Event details:

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023 (The following day is a national holiday)

Program: 18:30 Registration 19:00 Warm Welcome 22:30 Event Concludes

Venue: The newly renovated Westin Tokyo in Ebisu. Google Maps Link Pricing: Nordic Chamber Member Price: 15,000 JPY Non-Member Price: 30,000 JPY

We extend a special invitation to our members to join us in becoming partners for this event, where together, we can infuse the enchantment of Nordic Christmas into an unforgettable night. For detailed partnership information, kindly explore the options below or reach out to your designated contact:

DCCJ: Josefine Praestekjaer,

SCCJ: Martin Koos,

NCCJ: Frederikke Valentina Matsunaga,

ISCCJ: Ryosuke Hosaka,

FCCJ: Antti Kunnas,

Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party Sponsorship Packages:

Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party 2023 Sponsorship Packages
Download PDF • 592KB

Display Package - 150,000 - 50,000 yen

Put your brand in the limelight at the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party 2023 with our Exclusive Display Package. Choose the Aurora sponsorship at 150,000 JPY (includes stage recognition and three complimentary tickets) or the Viking sponsorship at 50,000 JPY (includes stage recognition and one complimentary ticket). Your logo will stand out on screens, event materials, and the official page, ensuring unparalleled visibility.

Choose one:

  • Aurora sponsorship 150.000 JPY (Includes three free tickets)

  • Viking sponsorship 50.000 JPY (Includes one free ticket)

  • Logo on main screen at the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party 2023

  • Logo on promotional material of the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party 2023 on Linkedin

  • Logo on the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party 2023 event page

  • Recognition on stage

Lottery Package - 20,000 yen

Boost your brand's spotlight at the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party with our 20,000 yen Lottery Package. Join the excitement as your products or gift offerings take center stage in the evening's thrilling Tombola event, gaining recognition on-screen and engaging our enthusiastic guests.

  • Sponsors will become part of the lottery at the Nordic Christmas Cocktail Party and offer a unique opportunity to showcase and give products/services to the guests. The Tombola will be one of the main events of the evening

  • Sponsors will be mentioned and shown on the screen during the Tombola

  • Items in the Tombola will be described before the drawing of the winner

  • Sponsors can provide products, coupons or gift cards for guests to win


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