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DCCJ Assistant: Cecilie

Since September, our team at DCCJ has had the pleasure of drawing on the support and assistance of newly hired assistant Cecilie Glimsager. As a fully fledged student from Japanese Studies at University of Copenhagen, Cecilie has been a great contribution to our office and team. With her work including, among other things, website maintenance in the shape of writing and posting news, and keeping our subscribers up-to-date through our newsletter and facebook page.

Cecilie arrived in Japan with the intent to enter the job market here, and to further expand and put to use her education and experience gained from her two prior student exchange stays in Japan. With her bachelor’s degree - which has provided her not only strong Japanese language skills and cultural insight into the country - and the combined experiences gained from her former jobs in the service sector and from running her own blog, Cecilie has brought with her a constellation of abilities very fitting for a job at DCCJ. Her Japanese language abilities, has especially proven useful both in and outside the office space, where various cultural encounters between Denmark and Japan frequently occurs. Although only temporary, the job position that Cecilie currently holds at DCCJ, has definitely benefitted from her insights.

Her work experience gained at DCCJ all plays into her strategy to build up a professional profile centered on visual and written communication, which will further support her ongoing search for a more permanent job position in Japan related to marketing, media relations and strengthening good communicative relations between Denmark and Japan.


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