Guide: How to travel to Denmark and back (Updated July 16)

Disclaimer: The information on this page is meant for a guide for the members of the DCCJ. However, as rules and regulations related to COVID19 constantly changing, the DCCJ assumes no responsibility or liability for the information available on this page. Please refer to the relevant authorities in Denmark and Japan, as well as your airline company or travel agency, to confirm that you fulfil the requirements for travel and entry.

Travelling to Denmark

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Who needs a COVID-19 test before departure to Denmark? Source: (COVID Testing).

As of June 5 Japan is categorised as a Yellow country, meaning Danish citizens can travel to Denmark without presenting a negative COVID-19 test. However, you might still need a negative COVID-19 test just transfer through a specific airport. This for example is right now (as of 11 June) the case for Frankfurt airport but not for Vienna airport. Therefore, make sure to check the rules in the airport you are transferring through.

Furthermore, if you are a foreigner residing in Japan, you must present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 48 hours before the time of entry to be allowed entrance to Denmark. PCR tests and rapid tests (antigen tests) are the only approved COVID-19 tests.

The test certificate must be in English and clearly state the name of the tested person, time of testing, and facility issuing the certificate. Certificates must be issued by a health services provider or healthcare professional. You can also ask the facility to use the official Danish certificate format.

Digital certificates are allowed, however you hold sole responsibility for being able to present the certificate despite technical issues. Please be aware that not all airlines accept digital certificates, be sure to confirm with your airline before your trip.

Remember to double-check the requirements from your airline

Please be aware that the airlines might have additional requirements, especially when transferring on your way to Denmark. See the following websites for more:





Quarantine rules in Denmark when you are arriving from Japan Source: (FAQ entry to DK).

When arriving from Japan, travellers of all nationalities are required to take a COVID-19 test.

You are exempt from testing at arrival if:

you have previously been infected with COVID-19 and can present a positive COVID-19 PCR test result from a test performed between 14 days and 8 months prior to the flight.

How to get tested in Denmark Source: (Test for COVID-19) and (COVID test for foreigners).

Please use the following link (Find Test Centres in DK) to find an overview of all test centres in Denmark. Blue test centres offer PCR tests and require appointments via Orange test centres offer rapid tests and generally do not require appointments. People without a Danish civil registration number (CPR number) and NemID must register as a user at before testing at a public test centre in Denmark.

If you are fully vaccinated in Japan Source: (

Danish citizens, including Danish expats, who are able to document that they have completed a course of vaccination with an EMA-approved vaccine – regardless of in which country the vaccination was administered – will be considered to be fully vaccinated.

Proof of vaccination must be in English and include the following information:

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Vaccine name

  • Effective date - time for 1st and 2nd vaccination (for a vaccination courses where 2nd dose is required)

To get an official Japanese certificate of vaccination in English, please contact the city hall in your city of residence.

Please find information on which vaccines are approved by the EMA here.

Can I get a Danish Corona passport (Coronapas) or a EU Corona Passport (Digital COVID Certificate)? Source: ( and (

Danish citizens, including Danish expats with a CPR number and NemID, who are considered to be fully vaccinated (see requirements above), can get the vaccine registered in Denmark by a Danish doctor. If your vaccination is registered you will be able to download a Danish Corona passport showing the vaccination.

Danes Worldwide has a guide on how to get your vaccine registered here:

The Danish coronapas app can be used as a European corona passport (EU’s Digital COVID certificate) on trips to EU and Schengen countries. Please note that the use of the European corona passport may differ from country to country.

Find more information about the Danish Corona passport and the coronapas app here:

Travelling back to Japan

To re-enter Japan you must be a resident with a re-entry permit Source: (

With only a few exceptions, Japan currently has a landing ban for all non-Japanese citizen international travellers. Exceptions include: spouse/child of a Japanese citizen, foreign residents with a permanent residence permit and foreign residents with re-entry permits.

For a full list of exceptions to the landing ban, please see the website of the Japanese Ministry of Justice.

You need a COVID-19test before departure from Denmark Source: (

When re-entering Japan from any country / region you must carry a test certificate showing a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departure of the flight arriving in Japan. (source :

As a general rule, you must use the official format for the Certificate of Testing for COVID-19. It is possible to use your own format if there is no medical facility that can accommodate the specified format, but it must include the same content as described in the specified format. Please find the format, required information, and list of accepted testing methods here:

After arrival in Japan - testing, quarantine and self-isolation Source: ( and (, available only in Japanese

All travellers are tested for COVID-19 by Japanese authorities after arriving in Japan.

As Denmark is currently on the list of New Coronavirus Mutant Endemic Countries / Regions, travellers arriving from Denmark must enter isolation at a government mandated quarantine site for three days after entering Japan. The quarantine will take place at accommodation provided by the Japanese authorities and includes three meals a day.

COVID-19 testing will take place at the end of the three day quarantine period.

Even after leaving the three day quarantine, all travellers arriving in Japan are required to enter self-isolation until 14 days from their date of entry. Isolation can take place in your own home or at accommodation owned by your company, relatives or friends. Isolation can also take place at monthly condominiums or hotels, however the isolation accommodation cannot have facilities shared by multiple people, such as shared toilets and baths.

Rules during self-isolation: written pledge, contact tracking apps, and other follow up.

After finishing the three day quarantine and testing negative, you must sign a written pledge to self-isolate for 14 days at a suitable location and avoid public transportation, including taxis. See the following section for acceptable transportation options.

As part of the pledge, all travellers need to give their contact information and install the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Covid-19 tracking smartphone app, COCOA, and a video call app specified by the authorities. During self-isolation you must carry your smartphone at all times and respond to any contact from Japanese authorities.

If for some reason you are unable to sign the pledge, you must spend the full isolation period at a facility determined by the quarantine station at the port of entry.

Foreign residents who break quarantine may have their full names released to the public and their residency status revoked, which may result in deportation.

You must secure your own transportation from the airport

You must secure your own transportation from the airport or quarantine site to the location of your mandatory self-isolation. Travellers are not allowed to use public transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, airplanes (domestic flights), and passenger ships. Allowable transportation includes company cars, private cars (ie friends or family), or rental cars.

List of clinics for PCR tests in Japan:

PCR test in Japan_list
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