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DUVE Det Unge VokalEnsemble Concerts July

The DUVE (Det Unge VokalEnsemble) - Copenhagen Youth Choir is coming to Japan this summer, marking their anticipated debut in the country.

As one of Europe's renowned youth choirs, DUVE brings the harmonies of Nordic choirs and a program that aims to express the enchanting world of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales through choral music.

The concert features a selection of choral performances, including pieces like Morgensang (Elverskud) by Niels W. Gade, Løft mig kun bort (To Andersen Poesier) by Per Nørgård, Min yndlingsdal by Jørgen Jersild, Nu bede vi den helligånd by Mogens Pedersøn, and more (subject to change).

The concert will take place at four different venues, and admission fees are ¥2,000 for general attendees and ¥1,000 for university students and below. Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience the talents of DUVE firsthand and immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies inspired by Andersen's timeless fairy tales.

Admission Fee (Open Seating): General: ¥2,000 | University Students and Below: ¥1,000

Performance Program:

  • Morgensang (Elverskud) - Niels W. Gade

  • Løft mig kun bort (To Andersen Poesier) - Per Nørgård

  • Min yndlingsdal - Jørgen Jersild

  • Nu bede vi den helligånd - Mogens Pedersøn

  • Gentle Sleep - Nico Muhly and more!

(Note: The program is subject to change.)

For more information on the event:

This concert is supported by the Embassy of Denmark, the All Japan Chorus Federation and Toyota-Fonden.


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