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DCCJ News: Invitation to the Danish Club Events in 2024

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan is thrilled to announce a decision to enhance collaboration with the Danish Club in Japan (DDK). This strategic move aims to bring our organizations even closer, fostering stronger connections within the Danish community in Tokyo.

This decision reflects a commitment to creating a more unified and dynamic platform for members, intertwining the richness of Danish culture with diverse business opportunities.

Please see the following announcement from the Danish Club in Japan:

As we step into 2024, the Danish Club in Japan (DDK) is excited to continue its tradition of bringing Danes in Japan together for a series of events. Since 1929, DDK has been a presence for the Danish community in Japan, fostering 'Hygge' and connection among expatriates through a myriad of social gatherings.


Note that our events are primarily conducted in Danish, keeping our native language and culture alive. However, we're inclusive and can accommodate English speakers and to some degree Japanese speakers, ensuring everyone feels welcome.


We do not require signups for our monthly events, but we appreciate if people sign up either on Facebook or by sending us an email. This is to ensure that we do not miss each other at the location, and to ensure that we save enough seats for everyone.


Here's what we have lined up for the first quarter of 2024:


1. DABGO StamBord: First Wednesday of Every Month

Join us for DABGO StamBord, organized in cooperation with Danes Abroad Business Group Online (DABGO - It's a perfect opportunity to catch up, share stories, or simply enjoy the company of fellow Danes. Both for those traveling through on a business trip or those who have been staying for decades in Japan.


Location: Tokyo Hops World Beer and Dinning in Ebisu

Dates and Times:


2. Morning Coffee: First Monday of Every Month

Start your month right with our Morning Coffee event in Shinagawa. A casual, cozy get-together that offers a warm space to share conversations over a cup of coffee. The Morning Coffee event is on break in January but returns after the New Year in February.


Location: Royal Host West of Shinagawa Station

Dates and Times:


3. Evening Coffee: A Thursday Towards the Month-End

For those who prefer an evening gathering we also offer the opportunity to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the evening in Omotesando. Held on a Thursday towards the end of each month, it's a relaxing way to wind down and connect with the community.


Location: Starbucks on 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza Omotesando

Dates and Times:

Please stay updated:

Don't miss out on any of our events! Follow us on our Facebook page: or email us at to join our mailing list.


We are also planning the following events which will be announced at a later date on the Facebook page and mailing list:


  • Hanami in March/April: Embrace the beauty of cherry blossoms with our Hanami event. A perfect blend of Danish camaraderie and appreciation of Japanese nature.

  • Fastelavn: Keep an eye out for the date of our festive Fastelavn celebration, a traditional event that promises fun for families and children alike.

  • General Assembly in April: Join us for a pleasant gathering over coffee to discuss the events planned throughout the year. Your input and participation are highly valued as we chart the course of DDK in 2024-25.


We look forward to seeing you and continuing to build our Danish community in Japan. Here's to a fantastic start to 2024 filled with friendship, laughter, and 'Hygge'!


The Danish Club in Japan


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