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DCCJ News: Invitation to join the Nordic Pavilion at Osaka EXPO 2025

We extend a cordial invitation to DCCJ Corporate Members to participate in the Nordic Pavilion for Osaka Expo 2025, a pivotal global event celebrating innovation, sustainability, and international collaboration.

Please see the following announcement from The Danish Business Authority.

Join the Nordic pavilion at EXPO 2025 Osaka

The five Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden have joint forces and are participating together with a joint Nordic pavilion at the world EXPO 2025.

Tenders out now

The contractor for the pavilion has been chosen and is well under way. Now companies are invited to bid on the two tenders either for the exhibition content or for the concession of restaurant and shop. Find more information about the tenders here.

Become partner.

A.P. Moller Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation and Danish Crown are the first to partner at platinum level in the Danish EXPO 2025 participation. Now other companies can join as well.

For Danish companies, EXPO 2025 represents a great opportunity to capitalize on the positive reputation that Denmark and the other Nordic countries have in Japan.

The Nordic pavilion offers a unique platform, built to reflect the shared Nordic values and to impress customers and potential leads in Japan. 


Companies with activities or interest in Japan are invited to join at a partner level that best serves their interest. The project offers different partner levels with various benefits accordingly. The Levels range from 30.000-300.000 EUR as well as in-kind contributions.

If there is no package suitable for your organization, please contact the EXPO Association Denmark.

Partner benefits include the opportunity for own activities in the pavilion's business center, being part of the business delegation at the official Denmark Day, co-branding use of the pavilion logo, access to industry days (working titles are currently Green transition & Circular economy, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Mobility & Connectivity), etc. 

Find more information on partner opportunities and contact details here.


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