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DCCJ intern: Nicki

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

DCCJ's first intern, Nicki Bagger Andersen, have shown the great potential there is in DCCJs partnership with KUA (University of Copenhagen - Humanities - Japanstudies). As a part of his education, he was looking for an internship in Japan to gain experience in the field rather than taking courses back home at the university in Denmark. By chance, KUA's supervisor for internships remembered they had been contacted by DCCJ's executive director a year prior, and tried reaching out to him again. This chance of luck brought both DCCJ a chance to further their plans for giving Danish students internships in Japan, and gave Nicki the opportunity for an internship in Japan which he was looking for. DCCJ were happy to take him in, as it proved highly beneficial in opening the door for the partnership that got formed with KUA earlier this year.

In the time of his internship, he has been a big asset in getting DCCJ's current homepage and newsletter up and running, while helping out in the background for the events that DCCJ have partnered up on. And he was able to put into a lot of situations because he came with Japanese language skills already, and quickly could adjust to any Japanese speaking situation or environment. While that has been his work for DCCJ, he still has fulfilled his role as support staff and completed his work at Nordic Connection K.K. as well.

DCCJ members can also find their own interns by accessing the partnership that DCCJ have build with University of Copenhagen and The Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences, whom have educations aimed directly at studying Japan. These students have already learnt speaking, reading and writing the Japanese language, and comes with a wide array of other skills from the higher levels of education, which could be applied to most company's needs with ease.


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