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DCCJ Intern: Louise

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Back in 2018, DCCJ signed an internship agreement with the University of Copenhagen in order to assist Danish students to further their goals of going to Japan for work, internships, studies or other activities.

This month our team at DCCJ (Nordic Connection K.K.) has had the pleasure of welcoming our second intern, Louise Møller Hansen, a fourth year student of Japan Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Instead of taking her electives at home this semester, Louise decided to test her skills in a real life work setting and gain experience through working in Japan.

Louise came with Japanese skills already, which have proved very useful in situations, such as communicating with her Japanese co-workers at Nordic Connection K.K. or Japanese people at DCCJ events. Louise also gets to apply her excellent communication skills when posting news articles and events on our website, and apply her previous experience as tutor and mentor at her university when interacting with many different types of people at our events.

In the following months Louise hopes to expand on her currently strong communication skills, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as gain more insight into Japanese and Danish relations, especially centered on the relational and communicative aspects of market dealings going on between DCCJ members and the Japanese market. We feel certain that she will achieve this, as well as attain many more useful skills after completing her internship at DCCJ (Nordic Connection K.K.).

DCCJ is now currently in the negotiation phase of completing new internship agreements for students of Aarhus BSS (Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences) and Aarhus Business Academy. We will post further information of the specifics of the student internship, when agreements are in place. Should you have further inquiries please contact Leon Esben at


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