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8th CLIC Event: Moomin Monogatari

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

On the 29th of October, CLIC held yet another successful joint chambers networking event, this time at the Embassy of Sweden. On this evening - the 8th of its kind - we welcomed Mr. Robert Hirst, Chairman of Moomin Monogatari Ltd., to speak about the popularity of the Moomin characters in Japan, as well as the events leading up to the creation of the theme park, Moomin Valley Park, which opened in March earlier this year.

After Hirst had taken us on a journey through the events leading up to the opening of the theme park, there was time for a brief Q&A, which delved further into the driving forces behind the idea of opening the theme park; the obstacles one might face when attempting to open a theme park in Japan; the possibility of cooperation between the park, the neighboring Metsä Village and other companies; and what the future has in store for Moomin Monogatari Ltd. and the park itself.

The evening ended with an opportunity to further hone in on the networking aspect of the event. Around the buffet table and spread throughout the room, people made new professional and personal connections, or strengthened those already made, over a common interest in the Moomin universe and European-Japanese relations. Thank you to Mr. Robert Hirst, all the participants, and the hardworking staff from all the chambers, who attended yesterdays CLIC event at the Embassy of Sweden. We at DCCJ look forward to see how the Moomin Valley Park evolves in the future, as well as many more collaborations with CLIC and the other 10 chambers present this evening. For more information check out our previous post about the Metsä Village on our facebook page (Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan - DCCJ), as well as all the other news we will post there in the future.


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