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MedTech Partners GK

MedTech Partners GK


MedTech Partners GK

Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo

Tel: 090-2643-8704

MedTech Partners was founded with the purpose of providing LifeTech SMEs with objective, professional consulting services for market entry to Japan. The founder has over 25 years’ experience in managing foreign subsidiaries in various businesses, consumables, measuring equipment for industrial applications, automation, after sales

service etc) in Japan including involvement in the surrounding countries as well. We are very familiar with the daily operational challenges faced in Japan, whether working through a distributor, a JV, or own subsidiary. Through its network MedTech GK has access to a wide range of specialists from lawyers, tax consultants, regulatory resources, recruiters, and government relations’ specialists, not

to mention its extensive network of medical professionals (KOL), who can assist with clinical opinions, support, and studies when required. Our approach is based on systematic stakeholder analysis leading to proposals for market entry clearly describing potential, risks,

alternatives, and options.

For further information please visit our homepage

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