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SAS & Sustainable Travel

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

On the morning of November 27th, the 5 Nordic chambers came together with Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) to discuss sustainability in relation to the airline industry - more specifically SAS’ role therein. We had the great pleasure of welcoming Markus Ek, Vice President Global Sales at SAS, to the Embassy of Sweden to talk about SAS’ take on sustainability and the measures they have and are taking in order to contribute to a more environment-friendly future for the company and the aviation industry in general.

The event began with a breakfast buffet, where the participants took the chance to make new acquaintances and talk with old ones. As people had had their fill of coffee and breakfast, everyone gathered in the Alfred Nobel Auditorium to listen to Ek’s presentation. The presentation took its offset in a brief overlook of SAS’ history with their own sustainable developments throughout the years, the measures currently in place, and the goals set for 2030. Ek also took time to focus on the plans for the new flight route between Copenhagen and Haneda Airport, and the company’s plans for and presence at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Among those the “House of Scandinavia”, a joint initiative springing from the partnership between SAS and the three national Scandinavian Olympic Committees (DIF, NIF and SOK).

It was possible for the participants to ask questions both during and after the presentation, which allowed the discussion to delve further into the details of the flight route between Copenhagen and Haneda Airport, the possibility of other future flight routes, as well as the more concrete actions and means, by which SAS works towards a more environment-friendly future and a more favorable position from potential competitors in other industries also focused on sustainable travel and transportation.

The event ended with an opportunity for the guests to follow up on the topics discussed with each other and Markus Ek over another cup of coffee. Allowing the people present to slowly leave the event at their own pace and get started on their daily tasks.

We at DCCJ would like to thank Markus Ek, SAS, all the participants, and the hardworking staff from all the Nordic chambers. We look forward to many more events such as this in the future, and to see how SAS will continue to embrace the future both in terms of sustainability and as a promoter of the Nordics in Japan.

If you are curious about other aspects of SAS’ plans for the future, check out our previous post about the SAS' new A350 flights.


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