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The DCCJ cross regional alliance together with ASIA HOUSE

Asia House is happy to announce that together with 12 Danish Chambers of Commerce in Asia, a joint initiative has been established to assess how the Chambers can enhance regional cooperation among themselves, as well as strengthen support for Danish companies wishing to enter Asian markets. The initiative has been funded by the EAC Foundation.

The initiative is based on an analysis of the Danish Chambers of Commerce, and is already in motion, with data currently being collected. This analysis will provide a better understanding of the Chambers of Commerce from a regional perspective that is not available today.

The analysis will be discussed at a regional workshop in Bangkok on 7 June, with the participation of all chambers. The workshop will be the first of its kind and will give the Danish Chambers a unique platform for initiating a new era of regional cooperation and further engagement in supporting Danish SME’s in accessing the Asian market.

The comprehensive knowledge acquired by the Danish Chambers of Commerce on the markets and the countries they operate in is invaluable to the Danish SME wanting to access a new export market. Danish SMEs often express the need for specific knowledge and insight from other Danish business people about Asian markets, which are highly complex, both in their formal and informal structures.

The same conclusion was also presented in January when the working group on Danes living abroad, appointed by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, presented their assessment of how Denmark best can utilize the Danish diaspora, and how they can promote Danish exports.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan has contributed to developing this initiative with Asia House. Leon Esben Ota, the Executive Director, believes the initiative is important: “We are very happy to be a part of this initiative between the Danish Chambers of Commerce in Asia and Asia House. For me there is no doubt that the Chambers should be central in strengthening Danish businesses in Asia. Decades ago information and exchanges for the Danish Community were centered around the big Danish multi-international companies in Asia. Today this center has fractured into a more dispersed group of Danes living in Asia. The Chamber of Commerce has a vital role to play together with Danish embassies to ensure a platform for Danish companies wanting to do business in Asia. A cross-regional cooperation amongst the Danish Chambers of Commers will serve to further strengthen this perspective; having 12 chambers across Asia together with Asia House committed to this, I see the possibilities and prospect of growth going forward.”

Asia House looks forward to presenting in August the findings from the analysis, and to continue collaborating with and supporting the Danish Chambers of Commerce in their important work.

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