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Executive Director Rotation Office kick off at Novo Nordisk Pharma Japan!

The Danish Chamber of Commerce introduces the Executive Director Rotation Office Initiative, offering Member Companies the opportunity to host our Executive Director for a week, with monthly rotations planned to engage with all our members. This initiative aims to enhance communication and understanding of our members' needs, enabling us to provide tailored support.

In line with this commitment, the DCCJ's Executive Director recently participated in this initiative and had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the corporate culture and values upheld by Novo Nordisk Pharma, a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry.

This unique experience provided invaluable insights into the pharmaceutical sector and allowed for meaningful discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses today. It also served as a platform for sharing the DCCJ's mission of connecting companies with potential business partners, providing networking opportunities, and enhancing trade relations between Japan and Denmark.

One of the highlights of this visit was the opportunity for the Executive Director to give an interview and presentation, shedding light on the pivotal role played by DCCJ in building a strong Danish-Japanese business community in Japan. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of both DCCJ and Novo Nordisk Pharma to strengthen bilateral business ties and promote mutual growth.

Executive Director Josefine Praestekjaer would like to once again thank Novo Nordisk Pharma for this great opportunity in strengthening future collaborations.

In the picture: President and Representative Director Kasper Bødker Mejlvang, Novo Nordisk Pharma Japan (right) together with Executive Director Josefine Praestekjaer, The Danish Chamber of Commerce (left).


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