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デンマーク企業の魅力とは?Danish Companies – Attractive Work Environment


In the following, you will find information about the Japanese affiliates to the many Global Danish companies, and how they have implemented the Danish roots in Japan.

We have collected examples of work environment that is very common in Denmark but not in Japan. This does not mean that all the Japanese affiliates of Danish companies provide exactly the same environment as stated below but these can be observed in many of them.




Organizations in Denmark usually have a horizontal structure rather than a vertical/hierarchical structure (fewer layers to the top management). Commonly implemented is the“Open Door Policy”. It characterizes the transparent and open culture of the Danish workplace.

One of the flat organizations trademark, can be found in the decision-making process. Employees are not afraid of challenging and discussing ideas with any stakeholders, regardless of the position. Managers listen to their employees and thoroughly discuss when they have different views.

As a result, decision-making processes can take longer than expected (e.g. It takes time to reach consensus among multiple stakeholders). Yet at the same time, people know that there is no such thing as a “perfect” plan. Therefore the company strives to be flexible and adjust their plans whenever necessary as the project proceeds.Outcome may be slightly different from what was originally projected, but all the stakeholders would agree that it was the best outcome as they would all have been equally involved in the decision-making and modifying process.

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